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What Are Gallbladder Problems İn 50 Questions

What Are Gallbladder Problems İn 50 Questions

What is bile?

Bile is a thick liquid that is produced by liver cells to clean the body’s harmful wastes and contains bilirubin, which is a destructive product of water, cholesterol, lecithin, bile salts and hemoglobin in red blood cells, giving the bile a yellow-orange color.

What is the structure of the bile ducts and what are their functions?

It is a tube-shaped structure that carries the bile produced in each of the liver cells first through the bile ducts, then through the bile ducts and the main bile duct to the duodenum. This structure can be likened to the branches and trunks of a tree.

Where is the gallbladder in our body and what is its structure?

The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ attached to the lower face of the liver located on the upper right side of the abdomen. It is connected to the main bile duct by a small duct. The volume of the gallbladder is approximately 40-60 cubic centimeters.

What is the function of the gallbladder?

The main function of the gallbladder is to store, concentrate and secrete some of the bile produced by the liver through the main bile duct during hunger period. The fluid in the bile stored in the gallbladder is absorbed and condensed about 8-10 times.   This is the most important trigger mechanism for the formation of gallstones while providing the advantage to store more bile in as less space as possible.

What is the role of bile in the digestive system?

Although bile seems to be a combination of harmful substances that are excreted from the body, it takes on many tasks since it is poured into the duodenum. It has a special disintegration task, especially in the digestion of fats. It is involved in neutralizing acidic stomach fluid, a food source of vitamin K-producing bacteria.

How does a stone form in the gallbladder?

Bile contains substances such as cholesterol, lecithin, bilirubin and calcium. Gallstones generally occur as a result of the deterioration of the balance between the chemicals that make up bile. The solubility decreases and the liquid content becomes extremely concentrated. Some substances that need to be disposed of crystallize, collapse and form sediment. The collapsing cholesterol crystals or calcium particles combine with the gelatin extract secreted from the gallbladder wall to form bile sludge. Prolonged periods of hunger increase the formation of bile sludge. The misfunctioning of gallbladder’s contraction, relaxation and secretion functions of the wall from the inner face prepare the ground for the stone. Over time, a harder core forms and becomes a gallstone. Although most of the gallbladder stones are yellow-brown in color, form as cholesterol stones that can be easily crushed, a few of them are black or brown in color, known as solid, hard stones composed of calcium and bilirubin pigment stones. For gallstones to cause discomfort and complaints, it should block the entrance of the ducts and grow big enough to damage the inner wall.

Are the stones in the gallbladder dangerous?

The most common cause of bile inflammation and gallbladder cancer is gallstones. In addition, stones in the gallbladder can fall into the bile duct, causing jaundice and inflammation of the bile ducts. Gallstones that fall into the pancreatic duct can cause a deadly disease called pancreatitis. 

Are only stones removed in gallstones surgery?

In gallstones surgery, the stones in the gallbladder are removed along with the gallbladder.

Is the entire gallbladder removed in gallbladder surgery?

The entire gallbladder is removed in gallbladder surgery.

What if I don’t go into gallbladder surgery?

Gallstones can be noticed with five symptoms;

It can be detected by a random ultrasound scan.

2.  It is detected by ultrasound due to indigestion or mild abdominal pain.  

       3.  It is detected during abdominal pain due to inflammation of the gallbladder.

       4.  It is detected if it passes into the bile ducts and causes jaundice.

       5.  It is detected if it falls into the pancreatic duct and causes inflammation of the pancreas.

Except for the first two, the three situations are extremely dangerous, potentially life-threatening situations. We recommend surgery immediately for patients with small stones of millimetric size and stones of more than 1.5 cm size.

Should I undergo open or closed gallbladder surgery?

The closed method is the accepted method in the world as long as there is no other reason for open gallbladder surgery.

Can any specialist perform gallbladder surgery?

Gallbladder surgery is considered to be an operation that many surgeons can easily perform. However, the gallbladder is a structure located right next to the main vessels and the main bile duct that enter the liver. Although the surgery seems to be very easy, it can become a very complicated surgery in any technical error. This is why it is important that surgeons and teams that specialize in gallbladder and bile duct surgery perform gallbladder surgery to resolve any problems that may arise.

How is gallbladder surgery performed using laparoscopic method?

The patient is taken to the operating table. The abdomen is inflated with the most harmless carbon dioxide gas up to a pressure of 12mmhg, creating a field of view. The gallbladder is separated from the liver and the sac and stones are removed from the abdomen by inserting a camera through one of the three entryways into the abdomen and the gallbladder is separated from the liver along with the gallbladder, and the Sac and stones are removed from the abdomen. If necessary, the procedure is completed by putting a drain on the gallbladder bed.

In what cases is gallbladder surgery done with the open method?

In surgeries performed by surgeons experienced in laparoscopic surgery, the rate of switching to the open method is below 3%.

The main reasons that may require open technique may be;

  • Acute exacerbated inflammation of the gallbladder due to the retention of tissues with Rod-type surgical instruments, difficulties in understanding. The presence of environmental adhesions in the tissues that are not easily separated due to long-standing inflammatory processes or due to previous surgeries.
  • Not being able to provide clear images to be used in a safe surgical procedure with laparoscopic method.
  • Structural abnormalities of the bile ducts or additional problems.

What should I know before undergoing gallbladder surgery?

When will the anesthesiologist see you before your gallbladder surgery?

The anesthesiologist will need to see you 48 hours before surgery. You should inform the anesthesiologist about your chronic diseases and the surgeries you have undergone before.

I’m taking blood thinners. how long before surgery should I stop?

If the patient is taking blood thinners, the risk of bleeding will be high when taken into surgery under the influence of these drugs. These types of patients should be stop using the drugs and wait for the effects of the drugs to pass for 7-10 days and then they should undergo the operation.

How long should I fast before gallbladder surgery?

The patient should remain hungry 24 hours before surgery without eating or drinking anything, including water. However, patients who plan surgery in the afternoon may have a light breakfast early in the morning so that they will be hungry for 8 hours before surgery.

Should I do anything to my body for gallbladder surgery?

Before laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, a normal shower should be taken, along with body cleaning, if there is hair in the abdomen, shaving should be done from the breast level to the groin area.

Can I take my blood pressure and sugar pills, which I use all the time in morning on the day of surgery?

Patients with diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma should be consulted by the relevant branches and risks should be identified and recommendations should be taken. If patients are using drugs related to these diseases, they should take their medication with a sip of water, except for oral diabetes medications, even though they are hungry on the morning of the surgery.

When should I come to the hospital for gallbladder surgery?

You will need to come to the hospital 2 hours before your surgery is scheduled. If there is a change in planning for an urgent or special reason, please leave a phone number that we can contact you for.

How long will I stay in the hospital for laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

When everything goes well, you are scheduled to stay one night in the hospital. However, patients who do not have co-morbid disease can be discharged on the evening of the operation day.

What are the preparations for gallbladder surgery before going to the operating room?

Your final preparations will be checked by the nurse for surgery, and you will be directed to the operation room once your information, consent and identity are confirmed.

In laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, what kind of surgical scar will be left on my body?

In laparoscopic surgery performed through three holes; There will be three surgical scars in the abdominal region, two of which are 10mm and one is 5mm. If you are operated on a single hole, only the belly button will have a single surgical scar in size of 10mm, which you can’t see exactly because it will be inside the belly button. In open surgeries, there will be approximately 12 mm surgical scar under the right rib.

How long will my laparoscopic gallbladder surgery last?

  • If no complications occur, your surgery will take 45 to 60 minutes.
  • However, considering the duration of sleep-wake and recovery, you may stay in the operating room for approximately 2-2.5 hours.

Things I need to know after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.

When will I wake up from gallbladder surgery?

You will wake up immediately on the operating table after the surgery, but your recollection of what happened will begin in the recovery room.

Will I feel pain after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

As with any surgery, pain is felt after gallbladder surgery. However, instead of the pain of wounds on 5-10mm skin in the abdomen after gallbladder surgery, the pain of the tension in the abdominal wall caused by the air given to inflate the abdomen during surgery is felt. This pain is similar to abdominal tension pain in pregnancy on the first day, and becomes similar to the pain that occurs after doing sit-ups in the second and third day. None of these pains disrupt daily activity and sleep comfort. These pains will be stopped with a painkiller injection on the first evening and with a paracetamol type tablet on the second and third day.

Why a tube and a bag were put inside my abdomen after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and when will it be removed?

After gallbladder surgery, a perforated tube called a drain can be placed in the gallbladder bed to drain the washing serum and inflamed discharge out of the gallbladder bed. This drain will be checked in the morning the next day. It can be held longer if deemed necessary. Your doctor will explain this to you.

When will I be transferred to my room after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

After laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, you will be transferred to your room in 1-1.5 hours when there are no complications.

When can I drink liquid after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

You will be given liquid drinks that do not give you gas, such as water or tea 4 hours after surgery.

When can I eat after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

You will be given soup, if you’d like to, 4 hours after the surgery. 

When can I eat and drink normally after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

In the first week after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, fat-poor light foods are recommended, while heavy fat foods are not recommended. After the first week, you can switch to normal foods. However, indigestion and swelling can be felt for three weeks due to the effect of the gas given during surgery.

When can I start walking after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

You will begin to walk normally 4 hours after the surgery.

Is there nausea and vomiting after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

After gallbladder surgery, you may have nausea and vomiting on the first day due to the effects of anesthesia drugs that help you sleep and the tension in the abdomen. For this you will be given medication to relieve your nausea.

Can I go home in the evening the day I have laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

If you do not have co-morbid disease you may be discharged on the evening of the day of surgery, after a doctor checks your general condition.

What position can I sleep in the night I have laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

Although it is recommended that you sleep on your back with your head 30 degrees above, the position can be changed with right and left turns to avoid back pain due to lying in the same position during the night.

When will I be discharged after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

When everything goes well, you will be discharged in the morning the next day.  You can leave the hospital wearing your daily clothes.

Will I be given a prescription when I am discharged? What drugs will I take for how long and how many?

* First of all, you will be given a painkiller tablet, you will take these tablets three times a day in the morning, noon and evening for 5 days.

* Second, you will be given antibiotics, you will take these tablets three times a day in the morning, noon and evening for 5 days.

* Third, you will take a stomach-sparing tablet once a day for five days. Note: in allergy or special cases, your prescription will also be changed. be sure to talk to your doctor about the medications you will be taking!

What will happen to my laparoscopically removed gallbladder and stones?

The gallbladder will be sent to the pathology laboratory for pathological examination. Gallstones will be delivered to you in a container.

The Things I Need to Know After Discharge

Will my wounds be treated after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?  Will there be any stitches?

There is no need for dressing unless specifically stated by your doctor. There is no need for stitches to be removed as they are hidden and fusible stitches made for three separate holes.

When can I take a shower after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

On the third day after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, the dressings can be removed and the wound areas can be showered without rubbing.   There is no need to bandage the dressing again.

When can I drive after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

You can drive from the third day after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.

Will I come for a checkup after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery? And when?

You should check with your doctor one week after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. You will be informed of your general examination, wound location check and pathological report at the check-up. In addition, you should always stay in touch with your doctor if you have any questions.

When will my sex life begin after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

Sex life is not recommended for two weeks after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.

Can I fast after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

Fasting after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is not recommended for the first 6 months.   After this period, if your doctor does not see a problem in your general situation, you may begin fasting.

When can I consume alcohol after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

Since alcohol normally causes liver to lipidosis, habit-level alcohol intake will also increase lipidosis in liver after gallbladder surgery. However, in social terms, alcohol can be taken after the second week. Remember, alcohol intake is harmful to your health!!!!

When can I go back to work after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

Office workers can return to work for the second week.   Patients who are physically working with body strength can return to work within three weeks. However, patients who wish to return to work immediately may be allowed to return to work in the first week.

When can I go for swimming the sea after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

There’s no harm in swimming in the sea after two weeks unless there’s a special reason.

Can I sunbathe after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery?

You can sunbather after two weeks unless there is a special reason. However, the operation wound will heal dark due to sunbathing. White-skinned patients should pay attention to this condition. You should wear high-factor sunscreen or a white T-shirt when needed.

Can I eat fatty foods after gallbladder surgery?

In the gallbladder, concentrated bile acts as a break down agent in the digestion of fats. Especially for the first three weeks, heavy fat foods cannot be easily broken down with non-concentrated bile, so indigestion problems can occur the first three weeks, therefore, it is necessary to avoid heavy fat foods.

Will my eating habits change after gallbladder surgery?

Since there will be no storage of bile after gallbladder surgery, there will be a constant flow of bile into the duodenum. The bile that flows in hunger and fullness can give a feeling of hunger even if it is less. So, there will be an urge to eat. In such cases, the feeling of hunger should be avoided by drinking water. Watch your weight gain!

Will I be able to live a normal life without a gallbladder? What shortcomings will I feel?

The liver can also send some of the bile it produces, without the need for a gallbladder, directly into the intestine. In the absence of the gallbladder, all of the bile can be transmitted to the intestine through the main bile duct. The gallbladder is therefore not an indispensable organ for life. In case of inflammation, there is no vital deficiency in functioning when the gallbladder needs to be removed.



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