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The Low Back Pain Caused By Gallbladder

The Low Back Pain Caused By Gallbladder

What are the common problems after gallbladder surgery?

Several problems related to waking up from anesthesia may occur after each operation, as well as after gallbladder surgery.

 After anesthesia, the most common discomforts of patients are nausea and vomiting. With these complaints, abdominal pain, and contractions due to bowel movements are also common.

After surgery, pain and cramps that indicate that the digestive system has begun to function are also expected and accepted by the doctor.

From time to time, some problems about bowel movements can be observed after gallbladder surgery. In order to prevent this situation, it is recommended that the patient should have an enema preoperatively.

As after every operation, there may be a leak at the patient’s surgical site in or after the gallbladder surgery

 In addition, several problems may occur due to accumulation of bile in the abdomen. Such postoperative disorders can be corrected by external intervention without re-operating the patient.



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