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Gallbladder Surgery Complications

Gallbladder Surgery Complications

This is a condition in which the patient’s pain before the surgery continues after the surgery in a similar way and observed more common in women.

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Prolonged and recurrent complaints are diagnosed in about 5% of patients who have undergone surgery due to stone in the gallbladder. In general, similar complaints are reported in 4-40% of cases where gallbladder surgery is performed. However, only half of these are due to the inadequacy of the surgery or adjacent organ pathologies, while no causes can be diagnosed in the other half.

The pain is similar to pain felt in gallbladder pathologies. It may be colic-style, with varying degrees of extreme pain that lasts all day and relieves at night or that lasts for months or years. The pain increases during and after the feeding period. Nausea and sometimes vomiting may occur along with pain. In physical examination, sensitivity can be determined in the area of surgery incisions. All lab tests come out normal.

For diagnosis, the patient’s history of pain before and after surgery should be taken in detail. Since organic causes were detected in about half of patients, possible diseases and surgical complications related to gallbladder or adjacent organs should be evaluated and excluded.

Before pain treatment, the causes of pain and other complaints should be sought first. In the case detecting an organic cause, treatment for the cause should be planned in addition to pain treatment. Pain treatment without adequate examination will delay the diagnosis and treatment of possible organic pathology.



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