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Gallbladder-Related Shoulder Pain

Gallbladder-Related Shoulder Pain

Gallbladder-Related Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is the most moving joint of the body in terms of width of movement. If left untreated, shoulder pain can cause severe restrictions on one’s movements. Op. Dr. Kemal Gökkuş from the orthopedics department of Memorial Antalya Hospital, gave information about shoulder pains and the factors that can cause these pains. Op. Dr. Gökkuş stated that shoulder pain can occur for different reasons, saying “pain can be examined in two different categories: internal organs, chest and abdominal organs, shoulder pain reflected in the shoulder, shoulder joint and neck pain”.

Shoulder pain can be an alarm from internal organs

Op. Dr. Gökkuş stated that shoulder pains can be seen with relapsing diseases in internal organs and said: “heart attacks, conditions where pulmonary tuberculosis settles in the upper part of the lung, and lung tumors or inflammation of the diaphragm muscle for any reason can cause pain in the patient’s shoulders. Because the liver is close to the diaphragm, sometimes shoulder pains are encountered even in liver diseases, whereas gallbladder diseases are more often felt behind the right shoulder blade.” Gökkuş, on the other hand, added that diabetes can lead to “Frozen Shoulder Syndrome,” again resulting in pain and movement restrictions in the shoulder joint.

Shoulder pain caused by diseases of the shoulder joint and neck circumference

Op. Dr. Gökkuş gave us the information that “all the shoulder joint and the surrounding fractures and dislocations, cuff tears can occur after a sudden trauma or chronic shoulder cuts, the shoulder belt metastasis to the bones (of cancer cells from their current location, the shoulder belt through the bloodstream or lymphatic circulation to commence with bones), and ligaments of the joint capsule sprain shoulder injury and neck hernia, all rheumatic diseases, tendons, calcium crashes, or the shoulder joint in the “labrum” so-called cartilage-like structure of the rupture, which can lead to shoulder pain can be very severe sometimes”.

“Shoulder pains should be taken seriously”

Gökkuş emphasized that If the patient complaining of shoulder pain is not diagnosed correctly, the quality of life of the patient will decrease severely, saying “when examining shoulder pain, it is very important to determine the cause correctly and to make a differential diagnosis. Almost all of the conditions that cause shoulder pain that need to be taken seriously require medical treatment.”



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